Relaxing Natural Stress and Anxiety Relief Tips

Try Some Natural Stress and Anxiety Relief Methods To Kick Away Your Stress

Usually, people are too busy to bother with natural stress and anxiety stress relief and try to find a quick fix in a bottle. But stress and anxiety can greatly impair your health, which affects not only you but your family and anyone else who depends on you. Being healthy can cost less in the long run and give you more energy to get done the things you want to do as well as the things you need to do. Some investment in time and energy now to learn natural stress and anxiety relief methods can pay off in the long run.

When to Call the Doctor

No one wants to pay a doctor's bill and then be told something he or she didn't already know. So here is how you can tell if you need to go to see a doctor about your stress:

Always call your physician if you are you having trouble eating and/or sleeping, if you feel overwhelmed, if your worries are running so constantly through your mind that you can't relax and if you think that if you stop worrying, it's somehow wrong. Evaluate these symptoms honestly. If you suffer from any or all of these symptoms, make an appointment with your health care professional today. Follow his or her advice closely and try to squeeze in these natural stress and anxiety relief exercises as well.

More Oxygen, Please

Pay attention to yourself or ask someone you trust to tell you how you breathe under stress. If you pant or hyperventilate, or breathe a lot faster than usual, this cuts the oxygen supply in your body, and your body puts out distress signals for you to get more oxygen that might contribute to your anxiety. When you feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath. Take many deep breaths for natural stress and anxiety relief. This minute or so of taking time out to breathe deeply will give your body a time-out and help calm panic. It will also lower your heart rate and blood pressure during stressful times.

Some people find it difficult to breathe deeply for natural stress and anxiety relief. This is normal. If you have this problem, keep a small dark glass bottle of essential oils nearby. Sniffing the essential oil will make your body instinctively take deeper breaths. Some recommended oils that encourage deep breathing are lavender, frankincense and tea tree. Bergamot works for some, but not for others. Scent is a very personal thing; take some time to sniff essential oils sold in a health, fitness, occult supply stores or pharmacies. Some large chain supermarkets carry essential oils in their organic departments. They are made from natural plant and fruit extracts and oils, making them truly organic and natural solutions for stress and anxiety relief.


Learning about Massage for Stress Relief

A popular comedy skit program in England, Smack The Pony, recently had a skit set in a masseur's office. The masseur tried a new essential oil said to be the world's most relaxing. She poured in on her client's back and began to massage and the back turned into squishy putty! This is obviously an exaggeration, but shows that massage for stress relief can effectively relax your body and mind.

The Healing Touch

Skin on skin contact is one of the most ancient of cure-alls. A kiss on a boo-boo, sleeping in your parent's bed after a nightmare, or petting your dog can lower your blood pressure, make you breathe steadily and help your body's natural healing powers. Massage for stress relief is not just for feeling good, but for overall body health. Rock star Peter Gabriel insists on having a full body massage by a female masseuse before he can face going out on stage. Even if you have never attended his pre-show massages, you may have seen him command a stage for over two hours of intense physical and emotional performances.

Yeah, But He Can Afford It

You don't have to get a professional full body massage every time you're stressed out. What do you instinctively do if you bump your elbow? You hold it and rub it. Just with personal explorations of what strokes soothe your body and what strokes don't; you can give a quick massage for stress relief to yourself. It's easier to massage yourself with warm hands lubricated with warm oil or lotion to prevent chafing.

However, be careful not to massage cuts, wounds, broken limbs or burns as you may do more harm than good. Massaging for stress relief is to relax muscles, stimulate circulation, and generally calm down. If you have constant back problems, trying a professional masseuse can help alleviate the pain, if your doctor approves.

There are many “Massage 101” books, periodicals and websites to help you learn some of the massage techniques that have helped others. Your community college or YMCA might even offer free to low cost massage classes and seminars. Massage for stress relief is something you have to practice in order to remember it, but even the mistakes can feel good.

Massage for stress relief can be found in any forms. There are massage machines available, from a one-battery operated finger-shaped vibrator to huge chairs that massage your whole body with a series of vibrations. These machines are recommended for people in too much physical pain to exercise regularly or for the infirm.


Ancient Secrets for Stress Relief Treatment

The Ancient Treasure Herbal Tea Stress Relief

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting down with a nice cup of hot steaming herbal tea. There is something very soothing about drinking herbal tea, especially before bedtime. Herbal teas have been used for centuries for medicinal purpose and in the last 50 years tea companies have actually been advertising herbal tea for stress relief. The English have been stopping for years for afternoon tea. This is one of their ways of reducing stress. But with the world becoming so health conscious, exercising and eating nutritious food, it is only natural that they have turned to herbal tea for stress relief.

Kava Kava

Kava Stress Relief tea, which comes from the Kava Kava plant, is an herbal tea for stress relief. This tea helps you clam down and relieves anxiety, stress and minor pain. It also helps in digestion and the kidneys. It is a member of the peppercorn family and has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb, specifically to alleviate anxiety.

It is native to the South Pacific and is well known for its ability to calm the body and mind and produce a good night’s sleep. It is also known as a powerful antispasmodic. It has been found to relax the uterus and relieve menstrual cramps and minor menopausal symptoms. It has been supported by scientific data from The Herb Research Foundation that the use of kava will relieve minor anxiety, stress, restlessness, muscle tension and mild pain.

Calming Yogi Tea is another herbal tea for stress relief. This tea is a calming tea that eases stress and tension and encourages relaxed alertness without drowsiness. This healing tea contains organic chamomile that supports, soothes and rejuvenates the nerves. Chamomile has a natural herbal apple flavor and has been known for centuries that it soothes and calms the mind and spirit. It is no wonder that these herbal teas for stress relief are reaching the number one spots on herbal tea stress relief charts.

The saying goes, “If you could box it and sell it you would make a fortune”. Well, this is exactly what these tea supplement companies have done to make their fortunes. There are herbal green teas, herbal tonic teas and herbal exotic teas all packaged for stress relief. If you could bottle a stress reliever, eat a stress reliever or put it in a teabag, than the public will buy it. How much easier can it get then but to sip a good herbal tea for stress relief?